Our Approach

We believe planning is paramount to success.

We encourage each client to begin with a foundation;a plan, whether that client is an individual/young couple just getting started or a seasoned investor.

Our process is designed to take each client from those early steps, when they may have little or no investible assets, to a point where they have a portfolio set aside for future use. Planning and preparing for the good life… We begin by conducting an interview to discuss your current situation, long‐term goals, and the scope of services that may be provided to you.

During or prior to this meeting you will be provided with our current Form ADV Part 2A firm brochure that includes a statement involving our privacy policy, as well as a brochure supplement from the firm representative who will be assisting you.

Should you wish to engage Good Life Wealth Management LLC for its services, you must first complete our client engagement agreement. Thereafter, further discussion and analysis will be conducted to determine your financial needs, goals, holdings, etc.

Tax-Efficient Investment Strategy

Our Core + Satellite strategy blends passive (or index) and active investing, where passive investments are used as the basis or “core” of a portfolio and actively‐managed investments are added as “satellite” positions.

Employing this strategy the portfolio core holdings are indexed to potentially more efficient asset classes, while outlying selections are generally limited to active holdings in an attempt to outperform a particular category (sector), or a selection of particular positions to increase core diversification, or to improve portfolio performance.

The core represents the majority of the total portfolio; the remainder of the portfolio employs positions that may take a shorter duration to assist in the over‐or‐under allocation to specific sectors, regions, assets, classes, etc. For example, the core of a portfolio may be built with low‐cost index funds or ETFs; satellite holdings might include active investment managers (mutual funds) with unique strategies that are believed capable of adding value beyond a stated benchmark over a full market cycle or we may use fixed income investments as a non‐correlating position.

We aim for tax‐efficiency through the implementation of asset location, low‐turnover funds, and tax‐favorable investment vehicles. We primarily recommend a range of mutual funds, ETFs, and investment grade bonds within our clients’ portfolio.