Wealth Builder Program

If financial planning is beneficial for everyone,who do so many financial planning firms have a $1 million minimum?

At Good Life Wealth Management, we not only believe that financial planning is for everyone, we are here to help any and all investors who recognize the value in having their own plan. What we know is that every 50-year old millionaire is someone who probably made some smart decisions in their 20’s and 30’s. And that is why we designed our innovative Wealth Builder Program for clients under $250,000 – to help newer investors make the choices that will build a solid foundation for their financial future.

Our Wealth Builder Program is simple: create a financial plan unique to you, implement your plan, and work with you in the years ahead to stay on course to meet your goals. We’ll meet annually for a full review meeting to track your progress and you are encouraged to call or email anytime as financial questions arise. All this for only $99 a month, cancellable at anytime if you are unsatisfied.

You have questions:

  • Should I save more or pay down my student loans? Should we pay down our home mortgage?
  • How much do we need to save become financially independent and for how long?
  • Should I buy or lease a car?
  • How should I invest in my retirement plan? Or, should I invest outside of my retirement plan? Roth or Traditional?
  • What steps should we take if we’re getting married? Starting a family? Do we need a Will or other estate documents?

We create a customized plan that provides solutions for your goals

Annual Net Worth Statement

So you can see the big picture and track your progress.

Address Risks

Address the risks that could compromise your plan. Make sure your family is covered.

We Define Your Goals

In black and white and create strategies for how much to save and the optimal location to use that cash flow.

Annual Net Worth Statement

So you can see the big picture and track your progress.

Assets and Liabilities

We look at all your assets and liabilities and make recommendations on the “whole pie” and not just one “slice”.