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Our Advantages

Who is Carnot?

Carnot is pioneering the technology of choice for the future ofhydrogen power to tackle the billion dollar challenge of decarbonising industry, transport & power.

Net Zero

Enabling & Accelerating Hydrogen. Net Zero Carnot. The Cleanest Powertrain
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The Ultimate Powertrain

Clean Power singularity. Most efficient engine in the world. Successor to fossil fuel power
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Cutting edge research organisations. Advanced manufacturers. Complimentary Clean tech Investors & Shareholders.
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Innovation and Expertise

Meet the pioneers


Archie Watts-Farmer

CEO & Founder

Francis Lempp

CBO & Founder

Nadiur Rahman

COO & Founder
When everything starts

Carnot Timeline

In the Top 10 of over 400 applications to join the OGTC/NZTC incubator

Raised over £250,000 in crowdfunding on Crowdcube in pre-seed funding

Carnot was founded by Archie Watts-Farmer, Francis Lempp & Nadiur Rahman

Awarded grant to providing energy security in sub-Saharan Africa

Our world leading team utilise the latest materials, innovative engine design & the future of fuels to create the ultimate powertrain.

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